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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cubs HBO Documentary Drinking Game

As you may have noticed, updates have been non-existent this summer. I'm simply out of things to say about the Cubs management from Hendry on up. On any given day, the most relevant news to our chances of winning a World Series are on the business page where we see if the Tribune is coming any closer to selling the team.

That said, I'm planning to get some fun out of the HBO documentary airing tonight, one way or the other. Chris Y of Yarbage Cub Review was at my poker game last week, and we agreed the only way to watch such a film was to drink the pain away. I can't afford to knock myself out on a school night, so I'm recording it and we're going to relive lifetimes of suffering this weekend. Mention of a goat, take a drink. Mention of a curse, take a drink. Mention of Bartman, take a drink. We may not make it through the weekend. Once we formalize the rules, we'll post them here. Wish us luck.

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